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What is a facial plastic surgeon?

Facial plastic surgery is performed by surgeons from several surgical specialties. A particular strength of the subspecialty facial plastic surgery is that experts from different areas combine their skill and artistry to bring the best possible care, knowledge and treatment to the patient. The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to support different surgical specialties in their subspecialization in facial plastic surgery. It is the position of the EAFPS that the complexity of the face and direct visibility of surgical procedures in the face deserve input from different specialties, each contributing cutting edge surgical skills and techniques and expertise. In the best interest of patients requiring or desiring plastic surgery of the face, EAFPS opposes to reserving specific procedures to single specialties. A facelift, aesthetic eyelid and ear surgery, reconstruction of facial skin defects, surgery of the paralysed face and reconstruction of the facial skeleton, for example, should not be restricted to one surgical specialty only. EAFPS considers Statements that suggest the opposite misleading and failing to account for the breadth in training in facial plastic surgery in Europe.


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