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Insured Patients:

Treatment is usually covered, in full or with an access to pay, depending on your insurance plan. It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain an authorisation number from the insurance company prior to the consultation or surgery.

If the insurance company fails or refuses to settle an invoice, the patient is responsible for any outstanding fees.


Uninsured (self-pay) patients:

Initial consultation £320

Follow-up consultation £180

Removal of wax (micro suction) with no consultation £150


These fees for uninsured patients include charges for the following outpatient procedures;


Cautery to nasal septum

Removal of ear wax

Endoscopic examination of the nose and throat

Hearing tests

Hospitals will charge the patient a separate fee for the use of diagnostic equipment. This is not covered by Mr Toma’s consultation


Failing to cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the consultation will incur a charge of £150


Self-pay patients undergoing surgery

Private hospitals have fixed rate packages which will cover the costs of your hospital stay.

For Mr Toma’s fees, a tailor made package will be designed for you which aims to cover the surgery and post-operative care relevant to this treatment for 12 months.


The package does not include the initial consultation.

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